The Circle represents the sun, the cycle of life and the medicine wheel concept. In Cree culture, the medicine wheel teachings includes recognition and respect for the four directions (north, south, east and west), the four cycles of life (child, youth, adult, elder), and the spiritual, physical, emotional and mental aspects of the self. When all four aspects are in balance things usually work well. When they are out of balance things often go wrong because it goes against the natural law. These are part of the sacred laws and teachings that apply to all tribes. The white color in the circle represents the north, the yellow represents the east, the red represents the south and the blue represents the west. The east is the spring, the south is the summer,  the west is the fall and the north is the winter season.

The infinity symbol has two meanings: The joining of two cultures (First Nations and European settlers) and the existence of a people forever. The blue infinity flag is a Metis national flag and represented the political and military force of the Metis as early as 1816.

Source:  Four Directions, Saskatchewan Indian Cultural College, Manitoba Metis Federation Inc.